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Full Service Pack​

All necessary materials for the move including crates and all boxes. 


Packing of all household items

into boxes.


Crating of all paintings, glass furniture, and expensive electronic equipment.

We sell all what you need for moving through our website.

Standard Moving Experience

Floor boards to prevent damage to new floors.


Blue tape covering the inside of each door to prevent dents and scratches.


Disassembly and Reassembly of all furniture. 


Respectful workers who show up on time and the attitude to solve even the most difficult tasks.


Wrapping of all furniture.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In an industry with such a bad reputation as a whole, Miller's Moving & Storage  goes the extra mile to exceed the expectations of each and every customer.


To us every job is the most important one, we take extra care of your belongings, to make you feel confortable with our job.


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